Solar Neighbourhoods


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Solar Neighbourhoods celebrates success!

Findings report now availableSolar Neighbourhoods was a pilot project of the Toronto Atmospheric Fund, with a goal of installing 100 solar water heating systems in Wards 29, 30, 31 and 32. The program wrapped up in 2010 with the release of our project findings report.

Greenhouse Gas Reductions

As part of the program evaluation, Solar Neighbourhoods captured data from 63 private participants who completed audits with Windfall, the official auditor of the Solar Neighbourhoods program. The solar promotion generated 17 tonnes per year of CO2 reductions, and leveraged over six times more savings from other retrofit measures undertaken by the homeowners once they joined the program. Read more here


We measured 16 systems for a one-year period. For more information click here.

The Toronto Atmospheric Fund (TAF) continues to develop and deploy pilot projects to help advance new approaches to reducing greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions. For more about TAF's current initiatives and strategic directions, visit our website at


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